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Thoreau’s Signature

A digital font for recreating
the signature of Henry David Thoreau


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Thoreau’s Hand

A digital font family based on the handwriting
of Henry David Thoreau


Thoreau’s Signature is a very, very limited font with an extremely minimal character set, created for no other purpose than to add Henry’s actual signature into your digital documents, plus a few basic variations of his name (as well as the name of the font, of course), without having to resort to a graphic!

This font comes with 4 of his actual signatures from different periods in his life, each with their own character, with each of those signatures put in place of one of the usual numeral glyphs. Thus...

Type “1” and get


Type “2” and get


Type “3” and get


Type “4” and get


In addition, perhaps the fanciest and most ornate that Henry ever got with writing out his last name (only) was on the back of his college essays, where he would simply write “Thoreau” on his folded-up paper to indicate to his instructor that it was from him.

This has also been replicated in this font...

Type “Thoreau” and get


Although this font does not include even the full basic character set, I have included just enough characters so that you can typeset these variations...



While this is indeed the “fanciest” that Henry ever wrote his last name, it’s important to note that this is not how he ever wrote out his signature. However, if for any reason one did wish to write out his name in a “fancy” sort of way, for that purpose I also created a couple other ligatures within this font that change how “Henry” and “D.” come out as compared to how they look using just Thoreau’s Hand — but do bear in mind, once again, that this is not an actual signature of his, only his last name was written by him in this style, and only in the context of the back of his college essays (that I’ve ever seen examples of, anyway)...

Type “Henry D. Thoreau” and get

Henry D. Thoreau

in Thoreau’s Hand Oblique

Henry D. Thoreau

in Thoreau’s Signature

Last but not least, I thought it might be fun to add a little Easter egg into this font — a genuine Thoreauvian typographic error. When using Thoreau’s Hand to typeset some text, if perchance you’d like to insert a little “booboo” somewhere, just to make things look a little more like it was actually written by some one “for real,” then...

Type “error” and get




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