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Christopher Pearse Cranch

Gallery of Paintings

by Christopher Pearse Cranch


Please note that many of the paintings featured on this page can be viewed and downloaded at much higher resolution in the Christopher Pearse Cranch Wallpapers page of this website!

The U.S. Capitol

Man with Two Cows

Autumn Landscape with Boy Fishing

Tivoli, East of Rome

Landscape with Fishermen and Artist Sketching

Landscape with Waterfall

View on the Hudson
(circa 1851)

Niagara — American Falls

View on the Hudson

Peaceful Evening
(circa 1850-1859)

(also known as Morning Scene on the Guidecca, Mouth of the Grand Canal)

Landscape with Couple Boating

The Burning of Barnum’s Museum

The Washington Oak, Denning’s Point
(also known as Fishkill on the Hudson)

Landscape by the Sea

McIntyre Mountain


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